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hot melt H4021-2310-808 Schmelzklebstoffe

Technical datasheet        hot melt H4021-2310-808 (Schmelzklebstoff, Schmelzkleber)

Special features:

PACKAGING: hot melt H4021-2310-808 was developed for deep freeze carton and case dealing where a flexible adhesive and high speed running with a fairly fast setting speed are required.
hot melt H4021-2310-808 has an excellent adhesion to dense recycled boards and some coated varnished boards. It is also suitable for automatic roll wrapping and straw attachment. hot melt H4021-2310-808  has a very flexible glue line, giving excellent deep freeze properties at extremes of low temperature (down to -40C) to make it ideal for chilled cabinet and deep freeze applications on various board stocks.hot melt H4021-2310-808  has a very light colour to minimise staining and low odour to help improve the working environment.

Technical characteristics:

Adhesive type                : synthetic polymer based hotmelt
Brookfield viscosity            : 993 mPa.s @ 160°C
Ball & Ring softening point        : 109°C
Open time                : short
Setting speed                : fast - medium
Molten tack                : high
Colour                    : very pale amber
Presentation                : pastilles
Application in Food Packaging    : conforms to FDA CFR. 21.175.105 (adhesives)

Suggested application temperature:

150°C – 170°C depending upon substrates to be bonded.


20 kgs. PE sack.


Store in a cool and dry place preferably at 5oC - 25oC.
Use “first in first out” principle.

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